PHILDA  is a leading global provider of technology solutions for various industries.

PHILDA  has its headquarters in Houston, Texas, USA and regional offices in Cumbria, UK and Dubai, UAE.  PHILDA  design, manufacture, distribute, does precision machining services and provide project procurement solutions to various industries like energy, process, transportation, marine etc.

Our major business segment is design and manufacturing Mechanical Seals, Valves, Carbon Products, Fibre Optic Cables, customized High Performance Parts & Assemblies of Process Equipment, Precision Machining for various industrial project.  Also, provide logistics and contingency support to the U.S. Military & Allies around the world, NATO, UN, Aid Organization, major Oil platforms etc in the U.S., Europe, Middle East, Pacific Rim & Africa.

With a team of dedicated and highly driven professionals, we will treat your businesses as our own, add value and help you lower procurement risk, time and cost.  With increasing focus from government and consumer market to improve sustainability, we are committed to helping business implement sustainable procurement and contract management practices. Our team has vast experience in various industries like oil & gas, water and waste water, chemical, transportation etc to name a few.

We value clients' needs for quality products, services and guarantees.  Our network of global associates and combined years of experience in the industry has enhanced our understanding of client's requirements. PHILDA  strives to develop strong relationships with clients, vendors and associates by providing the highest levels of service.