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Carbon Brush

01carbonTexco is a leading American brand name in Carbon Brush and related products. We design and manufacture Carbon products for the energy industry (thermal, wind, hydroelectric, nuclear, photovoltaic), transportation industry (railways, aerospace, port & marine, electric vehicle), process industry (rubber & plastic, cement, extraction & refining, steel, aluminium, metallurgy, mining, dies & mould, pulp & paper, water & waste water, cable, glass. food, pharmaceuticals etc), motor repair industry etc.

02carbonBased on experience gained through our extensive industry testing, we make compact design to work at considerable power saving, near noiseless performance and in total conformance to specified safety standards. Our specialty lies in precision engineering, high degree of dimensional accuracy, excellent surface finish while manufacturing our Carbon Brush, Carbon Brush Holders, Electrical Carbon Contacts, constant pressure Springs, Insulators, fibre glass insulation tubes, Slip Rings, Commutator, copper flexible braids, copper contacts, carbon seals, bushing etc,


Our production range covers the entire need of Electrical Prime Mover Motors Industry. We work with all sizes, types and grades of high quality material sourced from all major block manufacturers. We are a trusted name in the brush market and a supplier to many major OEM's of DC equipment.

Texco products guarantee highest quality standards and full after sales service to its Customers.btn download pdf