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Industrial & Marine Engines

Power Generators

Businesses across the globe depend on a reliable power supply – so when there are backup generators and emergency generators available, there’s really no excuse for your UPS to suffer a power failure or loss of power. Standby generators are a critical element to any high availability power system. Construction, Mining, Telecommunications, Defense and utilities, among other industries – all require maximum up time. We can provide you with the right generator requires the utmost care and all kind of service parts.

Silent Range Generators

Medium Voltage Generators

Industrial Range Generators

Heavy Range Generators

Offshore & Marine Generators

Standby Rating      : 10KVA - 500 KVA

Voltage                   : 220V/240V/440V/480V/600V

Frequency              : 50 Hz / 60Hz

Propulsion Engines & Auxilary Engines

 We provides a wide range of marine diesel services including supply of propulsion engines & auxiliary engines, engine re-power, engine overhauls and maintenance. Our scope of service includes  supporting commercial vessels and pleasure crafts.

Propulsion Engines Power Ratings from 93 kW to 7,268 kW.

Auxiliary Engines Power ratings from 162 kW to 5,420 kW

Industrial Engines

PHILDA offers extensive product ranges of industrial engines and parts to choose from various industry from Construction to Mining, Agriculture to Ports,  We not only provides a wide range of products for different industries but also offers excellent support services to enable quick turnaround times and optimise productivity.

High Speed & Medium speed Diesel Engines

Power options from 8.2 to 6,100 bkW (11 to 8,180 bhp)

Miantenance Parts

Exchange Components

Repair & Overhauling Kits

Offshore & Onshore Engines

We provides products and services to the upstream oil and gas industry for driving power generators (backup, standby and continuous power) as well as offshore drilling equipment and pumps. 

Diesel Engines for Heavy Duty Operation : 75 – 1865 kW 3

Diesel Engines for Medium Duty Operation; 110 – 970 kW

Diesel Engines for Short Time Duty Operation; 447 – 496 kW

Diesel Engines for Frac Operation; 858 – 2461 kW

Mechanical Power for Draw Works, Mudpumps, Cementers, Sanding Units and Workover Rigs.

Mechanical Power for Draw Works, Mudpumps, Hydration units, Cranes and Workover Rigs

Mechanical Power for Coil Tubing units, Nitrogen units and Fire Pumps

Mechanical Power for Frac Pumps

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