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We supply complete range of Mud Pump and parts including high chrome sleeve liners, zirconia ceramic liners, urethane bonded pistons with long service life, high temperature and plate type design valves and seat available in API 4 thru 8 size to fit all major mud pumps, a complete line of urethane bonded pistons, replaceable rubber pistons, rubber bonded pistons, a full range of full open 3 web, 4 web interchangeable fluid end modules and accessories, for various OEM's mud pump such as National, Emsco, Gardner Denver, Bomco, Ideco and Oilwell etc.

Triplex Gear End Replacement Parts 
Triplex Fluid End Replacement Parts   
Triplex Piston Rods
Piston Rod Clamps
Crosshead Extension Rods

Suction Line Dampeners
Liner Wear Plates
Suction/Discharge Manifolds & Strainers
Pulsation Dampeners
Fluid End Modules


Hydraulic Top Drives/Electric Top Drive  Ranges from 250 to 1000 Tons
The use of a Top Drive system provides the operator substantial benefits over traditional Kelly Drilling.

  Varco TDS 11SA 500 Ton
  Varco TDS-8SA - 800 Tons
  Varco TDS 1000 - 1000 Ton
  Canrig 1275AC-681
  Canrig 1050E712
  Bentec TD-500-HT

SWIVEL & Overhauling Parts

Direct drive Power Swivel 85 Ton 100 ton  & 120 Ton capacity
The single direct drive hydraulic motor eliminates the need for gears, providing improved efficiency, smoother operation and greater dependability. The VTS100 is equipped with a heavy duty floating washpipe assembly rated for 10,000 PSI and incorporates newly designed seals to increase the life expectancy of the washpipe assembly. The VTS100 is equivalent in size to the PS85, but incorporates the torque output of the PS120.

SWIVEL & Overhauling Parts
NOV - Power Swivel - S- 85
NOV - Power Swivel - S-150
NOV - Power Swivel - S-250

Venturetech - XK - 100
Venturetech - XK - 150


"Traveling Blocks to meet your specific drilling requirements -  Sufficient weighting ensures fast free fall - Compact and streamlined design eliminates interference with mast or derrick components.
Long service life is achieved through quality fabrication and careful selection of components."

• Heavy duty, high grade structural steel
• Flame hardened grooves
• High quality tapered roller bearings for sheaves
• Shaft with individual grease passage to each roller bearing
• Traveling Block manufactured according to API 8C
• Climate range: -45°C to +55°C
• Suitable for artic & desert environment
• Suitable for onshore or offshore rigs
• CE conformity
• ATEX conformity on request


. Bore: 7.06”to 26.75”(179 mm to 680 mm).
. Pressure rating: 2,000 psi to 15,000 psi(13.8 mpa to 103.5 mpa).
. Minimum operating pressure: 1,500 psi (10.3mpa).
. Maximum operating pressure: 3,000 psi (20.7mpa).
. Operating ports: 1”npt.
. Temperature rating: up to t-75 (-75 °f to 250 °f) (-59 °c to 121 °c).
. Designed and manufactured to iso 13533 (api 16a) for drill through  equipment.


Rotary tables range from 27 1/2 in to 60 1/2 in and feature a large oil capacity that adds to the unit's durability. 

American Block RK 3750

L 275 
L 375
L 495

NOV D-495-7K - 49-1/2”,
NOV -  C 375, 37-1/2 
NOV D-375, 37-1/2


NOV 1320 UE , 2000 HP
NOV 1625 UBDE 3000HP
NOV ADS-10T, 3000 HP
FR120 & FR120-C
Floorhand FH-100
Floorhand FH-80
Floorhand FH-100

Torque: Make-up        100,000 ft lb
Torque: Break-out    120,000 ft lb

Single-stroke makeup and breakout improves rig efficiency.
Accurate torque application reduces potential for downhole makeup.
Fewer components aid in troubleshooting and repair.
Three-jaw gripping drastically improves die life.
API 7K-compliant design ensures reduced total cost of ownership.


NOV Model 500/ 600 and 700 Power Tubing Tong
NOV Model 450 and Model 550 Tubing Tong
Manual Tong Type HT135
Manual Tong Type BJ HT 100 

CLE8625 DP


Roller Cone Bit

Diamond Bit

PDC Drilling Bit

TSP Drilling Bit

Drag Bit


• Fluid centering technology increases capacity
• Increased efficiency in a smaller footprint
• Compression fit bed material requires no hardware
• Eliminates bypass of solids under screen panel
• Air actuation offers quick, easy screen changes
• Fail-safe spring system securely retains panels upon loss of air pressure
• All stainless steel pneumatic fittings
• Snap-on protective covers


NOV Bayalor Traction Motor
GE 752 DC Traction Motor

Motor: GE 752 High Torque DC Electric Motor Series-type
Output power 1,250-hp, output torque 32,500ft/lbs


Dial Face Units 
Service Types
Temp. Rating

Ranged from 0 to 20,000 psi
PSI, kPA, Bar, kg/cm2
Standard, Sour Gas, Oil and Waterflood
 -20˚ F / 180˚ F
Threaded, Union and Flanged


Choke & Kill Hoses 
Cementing Hoses

Hydraulic Hoses 


Petroleum Hoses


Draw 1.jpg
Draw 2.jpg


Conventional Wellhead

Working Pressure up to 20,000 Psi (138 MPa)

Temperature up to 450° F (232° C)

Dual completion

Elastomeric sealing

Full metal-to-metal seal completion for severe and harsh environment

ESP well completion

Compact Wellhead

Working Pressures of up to 15,000 Psi (103,5 MPa)

Fluid and gas-tight sealings

Complete range of material class, temperature rating, and PSL requirements of API 6A

Premium elastomer materials that are capable to withstand Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) as per NORSOK M-710

Running and retrieval tools designed to meet API 6A Annex L requirement

Emergency equipment that includes a full range of slip-type hangers and packoff assemblies

Quick make-up connections (MBQ connectors) that are compatible with API 16A Hub

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